Who are Smart Funding Hub?

Find out more in our About Us page.

How do I Apply?

Our process is straightforward. Make a simple application through our website to start the process. We currently offer our services to SMEs within UK and Ireland.

How does the process work?

You will be allocated to one of our Account Managers to help complete your application. Your application with then be promoted to our large pool of lenders, investors and leasing companies.

How quick is the process?

Typically we get a funding offer with 24/48 hours of full application. Loan Documentation will need to be signed and returned before payout. Realistically you could be in receipt of the funds within 1 week. Your Account Manager will keep you informed at every step.

What documentation is involved?

Your application will need to be supported with bank statements and business accounts showing evidence of your trading activities.

I am new start business, can I get a business loan?

Loan options for new start businesses are more limited. However if you have a robust business plan and are a home owner, we have access to start-up loan funds who will consider your application.

I am outside of the UK and Ireland, can I get financing?

Currently we do not offer our services outside of the UK and Ireland.

How does SmartFundingHub make money?

SmartFundingHub charges clients arrangement fees for it’s services. These currently range between 1.5% and 5% of the value of the loan advanced.

Are there any other financial arrangements you offer outside of the loans listed?

SmartFundingHub is a trading name of Vision Asset Finance Limited. We also offer:

  • Vision Asset Finance: General Asset Finance, Business Loans, Leasing Services
  • Edulease: Helping finance equipment for classrooms and school, college and university premises
  • Speedlease: Offering equipment leasing on essential equipment for your business